FANCY study (routine histopathological assessment)

The POLYP and TULYP study will be carried out in collaboration with the research group of the FANCY study.

The FANCY is a nationwide, prospective study that will examine whether it is safe to galblazen and appendices selectively for pathological research based on the peroperatieve findings of the operator.

For 9 months operators will consistently score all appendices and Galblazen peroperatief on the presence of abnormalities and then submit all preparations for histopathological examination. In this way, it can be safely investigated whether the selective sending of Galblazen and appendices is justified and does not lead to missing deviations that would have consequences for the patient.

The FANCY-Study is a Snapshot project of the Dutch Snapshot Research Group, gefinancieërd by ZonMw and will start on 1 May 2018 in more than 50 hospitals in The Netherlands.


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